The day is finally here: Roy of the Rovers is back!

The very first story of the new era of Roy of the Rovers is now out in the wild, and you can grab your copy of Tom Palmer and Lisa Henke's brilliant novel right now!

So what can you expect from Scouted? Well, goals, of course, and plenty of football action, but what else? Read on to find out more...

Roy of the Rovers: Scouted

Out: 4 October 2018
Written by Tom Palmer
Illustrations by Lisa Henke

Roy Race is a totally normal 16 year old. He just happens to be the best striker in Melchester, too...

Roy always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and playing for Melchester Rovers, the team he’s supported his entire life, but he never thought he had a chance - until now.

Rovers are on the lookout for new players, but is Roy good enough to catch the scout’s eye? He’ll have to be fitter, stronger and more determined than ever - but if he’s going to become Roy of the Rovers, now’s the time.

Roy of the Rovers: Scouted is out now!