It's actually happening:  Roy of the Rovers has returned to comics!

Roy Race and Melchester Rovers are finally back in comics with the release of Rob Williams and Ben Willsher's superb graphic novel Roy of the Rovers: Kick-Off. Yes, it's real! The greatest fictional footballer of all time is back, with a new look and a new story. Exciting isn't the word!

So what can you expect from Kick-Off? Quite apart from the best football comics in decades, that is? Read on to find out...

Roy of the Rovers: Kick-Off

Out: Now!
Written by Rob Williams
Illustrations by Ben Willsher
Lettering: Jim Campbell
Editor: Keith Richardson

Times are tough for Melchester Rovers. Languishing at the bottom of League Two, the once-proud powerhouse of British football is out of money and out of luck. 

Sixteen year old Roy Race always dreamt of playing up front for Rovers. Oozing with natural talent and possessing a powerful left foot, Roy may just be the answer to all of Melchester’s prayers. 

Can Roy break into the Rovers first team and bring back the glory days of old? Or will the pressure of problems on and off the pitch prove too much for the young prospect? 

The epic footballing saga begins here!

Roy of the Rovers: Kick-Off is out now!