With Roy’s birthday on September 11th fast approaching, we’re beyond thrilled to announce a very special 65th Anniversary Special, an exclusive new book celebrating the stories, the creators, and the fans that helped to make Roy of the Rovers the phenomenon that it is today!

The cover for this special edition, featuring vintage Roy and his golden locks, has also been designed by the one and only Stanley Chow!

For generations, the exploits of Roy Race have enthralled hundreds of thousands of readers. Through kidnappings and shootings, pregnancies and punch-ups, Melchester Rovers’ star striker kept the goals coming - and became woven into the fabric of football in the process. From the comic’s first appearance in 1954, all the way through to its glorious 21st century reboot, Roy of the Rovers remains the greatest football fairytale ever told.

The 65th Anniversary Special is an essential purchase for any Roy of the Rovers fan of any age, or just any football fan, featuring rare delights such as: 

  • Exclusive interviews with Roy of the Rovers writers, editors and artists!
  • An incredible behind-the-scenes look at the creation of an icon!
  • Relive the top 50 Roy of the Rovers moments of all time!
  • We chose the all-time Rovers first eleven!
  • Goals, guts, glory and loads more!

Pre-order your copy now: https://royoftheroversofficial.com/shop/graphic-novels/RCA-R4003