Roy of the Rovers’ second sensational season has now reached its climactic conclusion, with the promise of more adventures soon for Roy, Rocky, and the whole Melchester team!

But with six action-packed novels and six gorgeous graphic novels on offer, where do you begin if you’re a, considering becoming, new Melchester Rovers fan? 

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Don’t worry, we’ve got the full thrilling rundown so you can get up to speed with Roy’s adventures - keep reading to find out!


1.       1. Scouted (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Lisa Henke

Roy Race is a totally normal 16 year old. He just happens to be the best striker in Melchester, too...

Roy always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and playing for Melchester Rovers, the team he’s supported his entire life, but he never thought he had a chance - until now.

Rovers are on the lookout for new players, but is Roy good enough to catch the scout’s eye? He’ll have to be fitter, stronger and more determined than ever - but if he’s going to become Roy of the Rovers, now’s the time.

2.       2. Kick-Off (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Ben Willsher 

Times are tough for Melchester Rovers. Languishing at the bottom of League Two, the once-proud powerhouse of British football is out of money and out of luck.

Sixteen year old Roy Race always dreamt of playing up front for Rovers. Oozing with natural talent and possessing a powerful left foot, Roy may just be the answer to all of Melchester’s prayers.

Can Roy break into the Rovers first team and bring back the glory days of old? Or will the pressure of problems on and off the pitch prove too much for the young prospect?

3.       3. Teamwork (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Lisa Henke 

Roy Race is living the dream. After all, how many 16-year-olds get to play up front for their favourite football team?

Except life as Melchester Rovers’ new star striker isn’t easy. Everyone’s looking at him differently, social media is a nightmare, and Rovers are still stuck at the bottom of the league.

All that, and he’s still got to go to college, help out at home, and coach his little sister Rocky’s football team. If he’s going to cope, Roy better learn to be a team player – and fast....

4.       4. Foul Play (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Ben Willsher

With a stunning super-strike against premier English club Tynecaster, Roy Race announced himself to the footballing world.

Melchester Rovers fans thought a saviour had arrived to lift them out of lowly League Two, and the agents came calling, sensing a new cash cow on the scene.

But a lot of things can go wrong on a football pitch. Injuries can happen to anyone - even Roy of the Rovers.

Is Roy’s career over before it’s even begun? Will he ever play in front of the Mel Park faithful again? And can Rovers make it to the playoff finals without him?

5.       5. Play-Offs (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Lisa Henke 

The end of the season is here, and it's make or break for Roy Race and Melchester Rovers.

Against all the odds, Roy and his teammates are close to getting Rovers promoted. However, if they fail to reach League One, then Rovers' owner Barry Cleaver plans to sell up, destroy Melchester Rovers for good!

Now it's crunch time: either Rovers make it through to the play-off finals, or it's over - for the club, for the fans, and for Roy...

6.       6. Going Up (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Ben Willsher

The third instalment of the all new – and highly anticipated - Roy of the Rovers graphic novel series!

Roy and the team have battled through a tough season, but have they got enough left to get promoted? Or will they fall at the final hurdle and see the club sold by its greedy owner? The new era of Roy of the Rovers continues!


          1. On Tour (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Dan Cornwell

In On Tour, from returning author Tom Palmer, after a whirlwind season for Melchester Rovers in which he helped secure promotion to League One, something strange is afoot. 

As Rovers head off on a pre-season tour, Roy’s treated differently, and kept apart from the team. 

What’s going on, and why are Rovers bringing in new players?

2.       2. Transferred (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Lisa Henke

In Transferred, from author Rob Williams and new artist Lisa Henke, Roy tries to adjust to his new life, while Melchester defy the odds and top the table after a string of early victories. 

But behind the scenes chaos ensues thanks to Melchester’s unscrupulous chairman Barry ‘Meat’ Cleaver… 

3.       3. From The Ashes (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Dan Cornwell

Roy Race has the world at his feet. The only problem is, he’s not playing for Melchester Rovers. And the club he loves, is falling apart. 

Mel Park lies in ruins. Dodgy backroom deals brought Rovers low, and now Roy is determined to find a way back to his old club - and to lift it out of the mess it’s in.

 But he might have to break a few rules to do it...

4.       4. All To Play For (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Lisa Henke

Melchester Rovers have sunk to the bottom of the table and things are looking desperate, but despite this the players are performing better than ever!

For any other team relegation would seem like an absolute certainty. But Melchester Rovers have the determination to battle on until the final whistle…

If they can keep their heads there is everything to play for! 

5.       5. Rocky (Fiction) – Tom Palmer, Dan Cornwell

A struggling student and brilliant footballer, Rocky Race is many things, but to most people she's just Roy Race's little sister. It's not much fun – especially as Melchester Rovers head to the League Cup Final.

Rocky's sick of everyone knowing her through Roy, she's had enough of school, and she's even started having panic attacks.

Now it's up to Rocky to find her own way – as a person and a player – and she's going to need all her grit and determination to do it...

6.       6. Pressure (Graphic Novel) – Rob Williams, Lisa Henke

Having had their thirty point deduction rescinded, Melchester Rovers find themselves back in the top half of the table with a chance of promotion to the Championship. 

For joint-captain Roy Race, things are still far from good. Having just lost a League Cup final and with every point vital in their quest to attract new ownership, Roy has hit a patch of rough form and can’t find the back of the net!

Prepare for a nail-biting finale as the final whistle blows on another action-packed season!