UPDATE: After more than 20,000 of you downloaded the first two eBooks, we're thrilled to confirm that we've extended the giveaway until the end of May!

We are pleased today to announce that for the next month at the least, we are making Scouted and Kick-Off, the first Roy of the Rovers’ fiction and graphic novel, FREE for everyone to download and keep as eBooks. We’ve also dropped the prices on all Season 1 titles by 25%, so you can finish the season without breaking the bank!

Download SCOUTED here: https://royoftheroversofficial.com/shop/RCA-R6001D

Download KICK-OFF here: https://royoftheroversofficial.com/shop/RCA-R2001D

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of sharing and reading stories, and the joy that they can bring to us during hard times. And what with there being no football on, Roy of the Rovers is the perfect series to start reading, whether it’s with your kids or on your own!

You can download the first two books right now: they’re available on our official app (for those of you on phones or tablets) as well as our official online store (for those on laptops and tablets).

If you’re reading on a laptop or a tablet, you can download the .EPUB version of the file and read it in the Kindle app – it’s as easy as that!