At the time of writing this, there are a whopping 12 Roy of the Rovers titles now out in the wild - 6 illustrated fiction novels from Tom Palmer and the team, and 6 graphic novels from Rob Williams, Ben Willsher, Lisa Henke and co - and there's more to come!

Below you'll find the first chapters and preview pages of all the Roy of the Rovers books so far, from his humble beginnings through to the second stunning season!

So go on, click through, get a preview of all the action, then why not start your Roy of the Rovers adventure today!


Scouted (Book 1)

Kick-Off (Graphic Novel 1)

Teamwork (Book 2)

Foul Play (Graphic Novel 2)

Going Up (Book 3)

Play-Offs (Graphic Novel 3)


On Tour (Book 4)

Transferred (Graphic Novel 4)

From The Ashes (Book 5)

All To Play For (Graphic Novel 5)

Rocky (Book 6)

Pressure (Graphic Novel 6)