Football is back – with the Roy of the Rovers Summer Special! 

The football might be postponed, but Roy of the Rovers is on hand to provide you with all the drama you could possibly need with the super Summer Special!


Available in newsagents, select supermarkets, and online, catch up with characters old and new, starring in thrilling new comic strips, read fantastic fiction, and witness the return of iconic Roy of the Rovers artist David Sque!

The Summer Special is jam-packed with fab football action – perfect for football fans of all ages. Whether it’s the Melchester team getting to test their skills against the finest teams in Europe, reuniting legends such as Hot-Shot Hamish, Gerry Holloway, Johnny Dexter and keeper Charlie ‘The Cat’ Carter for a special five-a-side tournament, or Roy and Rocky trying to see out lockdown without driving each under up the wall, there’s plenty to cheer thanks to creators such as Tom Palmer (Roy of the Rovers fiction), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad), Elkys Nova (Tammy & Jinty Special) and David Sque!

Don't miss out, grab your copy today!