Roy of the Rovers makes his mark with The Dons!

Our exciting partnership with the National Literacy Trust continues this year, with 5000 Roy of the Rovers books being given to disadvantaged readers and reading schemes up and down the country. One of these groups to receive these were the children who recently visited the Doncaster Rovers, able to take home with them their very own copy of Roy of the Rovers: Foul Play.

"I love the illustrations and comic style pages" one said, whilst another found that they liked "...all the action in the stories". Proving once again how great the Roy of the Rovers series is for reluctant readers! 

Roy, and his sister Rocky, will also be making appearances across school resources and online events with the NLT throughout 2022 - so be sure to keep an eye on our website, email newsletter, and social channels for more exciting news and updates. 

Rebellion, publishers of Roy of the Rovers, is proud to continue its partnership with the NLT with this latest exciting event. Rebellion has given tens of thousands of Roy of the Rovers books and ebooks away over the past four years and looks forward to continuing to support child literacy with this and other collaborations.

If you want your very own copy of Roy of the Rovers: Foul Play, check it out here, or see the full graphic novel range on Roy of the Rovers web store.