After an early summer dedicated to his sister, Rocky, and her new illustrated fiction novel Game Changer, Roy Race returns once again in the graphic novel, The £100 Million Gamefrom award-winning comics writer Rob Williams. The eighth graphic novel in the series, The £100 Million Game brings the latest season to a close, as well as concluding the current Roy of the Rovers graphic novel series. 

Since Roy Race first joined the Melchester Rovers at the start of the series, the team has faced financial difficulties, injuries, the near-loss of their manager, new ownership - and even the destruction of their old ground! But time and again, the Rovers have defied all expectations and now find themselves on the brink of promotion into the Premiership, having also secured a place in the cup final. Now, Roy faces his biggest match yet, where the stakes have never been higher, whilst behind-the-scenes he is battling tragedy and heartbreak. Can Roy keep his feelings in check long enough to lead his team to victory? As captain of the Melchester Rovers and their star striker, can he unite the Rovers and help them find glory on the pitch?

You'll have to find out when you pick up this exciting, final instalment to the graphic novel series! But what we can tell you is this book will definitely prove to be an unforgettable moment in Roy of the Rovers history! 

The £100 Million Game: A Roy of the Rovers Graphic Novel (RRP £12.99, Paperback) is out now, and is available to order on Amazon, via the website, or and wherever books are sold.