Rebellion has teamed up with leading football lifestyle magazine and design studio Mundial to create a new logo for the highly anticipated Roy of the Rovers reboot.

A new era of the world’s most famous football comic demanded a bold new look, and so Mundial –whose reputation for sharp looks equals their footballing credentials – were drafted in.

The result is a stunning new logo that echoes the rich history of Roy of the Rovers while emphasising the exciting new era that begins in 2018. Modern, clean, and with a distinct colour palette, Mundial has brought Roy of the Rovers bang up to date.

Of course, the collaboration doesn’t end with simply a logo. Mundial has also been instrumental in guiding the Roy of the Rovers team, providing invaluable expertise and insight as the project to reboot the iconic comics property has taken shape.

Roy of the Rovers Brand Manager Rob Power commented:

Mundial was top of our list when we were looking for collaborators to help shape the look and feel of the rebooted Roy of the Rovers, and we were genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a superb team. Mundial loves football, has an uncanny knack for gorgeous design, and a team that will move heaven and earth to help. They have delivered a stunning new look for Roy of the Rovers, and we’re sure that this is the first of many collaborations between us. Viva Mundial!”

Mundial’s Head of Content Owen Blackhurst commented:

“The offer to work with Rebellion on Roy of the Rovers came out of the blue, and after seeing the art direction we were incredibly happy to be involved. We all have our own memories of Roy, whether it was in newspaper comic strips or iconic annuals we owned as kids, and it was a fantastic experience seeing the new Roy take shape. All we need now is a Melchester Rovers v Sporting Club de Mundial pre-season friendly immortalised in print and our work will be done…”