We're delighted to reveal our latest set of signings: the creative team behind the 2018 Roy of the Rovers reboot!

Internationally acclaimed comics writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Superman: Action Comics) and artist Ben Willsher (2000 AD, Doctor Who Magazine) are the team behind the brand new Roy of the Rovers graphic novels, beginning with Roy of the Rovers: Kick-Off, to be released 6 September 2018.

Best-selling children’s author Tom Palmer (Football Academy, Foul Play) takes the lead on Roy of the Rovers: Scouted, Rebellion’s first foray into middle grade fiction, to be released 4 October 2018.

Also on the Roy of the Rovers team sheet is graphic novel editor Keith Richardson, and Rob Power, who will be editing the middle grade fiction alongside his role as Roy of the Rovers Brand Manager.

Rebellion  CEO  Jason Kingsley OBE commented:

Roy of the Rovers is an enormously exciting project for us, and we’ve been working hard to ensure that we respect the legacy of this iconic British character. We’ve assembled an incredibly  strong team to bring Roy Race back for the 21st century, and I look forward to following  Roy’s journey through the always exciting world of modern football.”

Rebellion Head of Publishing Ben Smith commented:

“We’re delighted to have such a high calibre  of creative talent on board for our reboot of Roy of the Rovers. Rob, Ben and Tom’s stories are bursting with all the excitement, drama and football fervour of the classic Roy of the Rovers comics,  while giving us a thoroughly  modern  take on the character.  We can’t wait for a new generation of fans to read them.”

Rob Williams commented:

“I read and loved  Roy of the Rovers as a boy  - I even had the old Gola Melchester Rovers kit - and I have very fond memories of the Roy annuals arriving on Christmas Day with wonderful David Sque art on their covers. Roy’s a British football  icon. Even now, a ‘rocket’-like goal is a Roy of the Rovers moment. So I’m delighted to be part of the passionate team bringing Roy’s adventures to a new era of football fan.”

Tom Palmer commented:

“Millions of girls and boys dream about being their favourite football player and being scouted and playing for their favourite team. I had that dream. Sadly it didn’t come true for me. But, being scouted and succeeding in my trial to write Roy of the Rovers fiction is a dream that has come true. There is no other fictional footballer I would rather be and write. And I intend to write these books with the same passion and commitment  Roy shows when he pulls on the red and yellow of Melchester Rovers.”

Ben Willsher commented:

Roy of the Rovers was a big part of my childhood. The annuals stacked up in my bookshelf, and the comics burst out of my cupboards. Growing up I dreamed of helping Roy score goals and lead Melchester to the top... I finally  get to do that- result!”

It's fair to say we're pretty excited about our new creative team - and soon we'll have loads more to tell you about the all-new Roy of the Rovers. Watch this space!