After years on the subs bench, Roy of the Rovers is to return to the pitch this year, refreshed and re-imagined for the 21st century!

The all-new Roy of the Rovers will star talented schoolboy Roy Race as he starts his footballing career at struggling league two team Melchester Rovers – a once mighty club brought low.

What can you expect from the new Roy of the Rovers? Well, for starters, football, drama, all the thrills and spills of the modern game, and an absolute rocket of a left foot!

A sporting icon, cultural touchstone, and the beloved torchbearer of fair play and football for generations of fans, Roy of the Rovers was, for many generations, the defining British footballer – and now he’s back to bring a bit of Melchester magic to the modern game!

In the coming months Rebellion we’ll be revealing the stunning new look Roy of the Rovers, the writers and artists behind the reboot, exclusive partnerships, exciting digital goodness, and much, much more.

The rebirth of a legend starts here – join us on the journey!