Roy of the Rovers’ sensational second season is well underway, and how time flies when you’re having fun: the next set thrilling instalments are almost upon us!

First off the bench and raring to go on February 20th is FROM THE ASHES the next fantastic novel from award-winning author Tom Palmer which sees Roy and friends trying to help Melchester out of the mess that they’re in, with more cracking illustrations from Dan Cornwell!

Shortly after, sprinting to the goal line on March 19th we’ve got ALL TO PLAY FOR, another brilliant team effort from comics writer-extraordinaire Rob Williams and awesome artist Lisa Henke, where relegation seems an absolute certainty. Or does it…

You can pre-order both of these table-topping books right now from our webstore, get them on Amazon, or go and ask your local book shop if they can order them in for you!